Rules of The Games 2015

 Alternate Shot:  Plantation Cup Format

Beat the Pro-Blue Tees: All net scores, lower than the Pro’s gross, win.


Blind Partners: “Partners” are drawn by the Pro Shop after tee-off.  Winner is the team with the best better ball score.


Chicago:  Net Bogey – 1 point,  net Par – 2 points, net Birdie – 4 points, net Eagle – 8 points.


Convert to Par:  Four holes are chosen by the Pro Shop after tee-off.  Scores for those holes are then converted to par.


Crier’s Tournament:  Each player picks her worst two holes and converts them to par.


Fairways: on par 3s – receive a dot if ball is hit on green; on par 4s – receive a dot if hit fairway on 1st shot & fairway or green on 2nd shot; on par 5s – receive a dot if hit fairway on 1st & 2nd shot & fairway or green on 3rd shot.  Player with most dots is the winner.


Hate’em – Don’t Play’em:  Before tee-off, each player announces which holes she doesn’t want to play – 1 par 3, 1 par 4, and 1 par 5 – then records a par for those holes.


Lone Ranger: There’s one Lone Ranger on each hole, which rotates among the 4 team players.  The order is specified by the tournament chair, or, by the team at the 1st hole, and does not change during the round.   There are 2 scores per hole: the Lone Ranger's score and the lowest score of the other team members.


Low Gross, Low Net:  One low gross and one low net on each hole (one player cannot be both low net and low gross).


Low Gross, Low Net, Low Putts:  Two flights.  One winner for low gross, one for low net, and one for low putts in each flight.

Nifty Nine:  Individual – pick your best nine holes using 3 par 3s, 4 par 4s, and 2 par 5s.  Team - 2 BBs of 4 – pick your best score using 3 par 3s, 4 par 4s, and 2 par 5s.


Odd/Even: Odd holes - best total net. Even holes - best total gross.


Olympic:  Each player is assigned a color and plays her own ball.  At each green, a sign reveals 1 of the 4 colors and the team uses the net score of the person assigned that color.


Puttless:  Keep track of putts, then deduct from total score.


Queen Bee:  Play 36 holes over 2 days.  Select best score on each hole from both cards.

Red, White, and Blue:  Play from the red tee on hole #1, white tee on #2, blue tee on #3.  Keep rotation no matter what hole you start on i.e., red tee on hole #4, white tee on hole #5, etc.  Team play with 1 BB


Scotch Twosome:  Cart partners – Choose best drive.  Alternate shots thereafter.


Scramble – 4 person:  Each player hits a drive.  Each player then hits from the drive chosen and continues format into hole.


Shamble:  Each player drives and the best drive is selected.  Everyone plays their own ball from the drive chosen until it is holed out.  Score is 2BBs.


Six Appeal:  Change partners every six holes.  1 BB per team.  1st six holes – cart partner; next 6 – other cart passenger; last 6 – drivers are partners and passengers are partners.


Scramble:  All players drive, choose best drive and everyone hits next from that spot; continue in this format to finish the hole.


Stableford: Score: 1 pt-bogey, 2 pts-par, 3 pts-birdie, 4 pts-eagle


Think Pink:  Each 4 person team gets 2 pink balls.  Rotate one pink ball to a different player each hole.  Keep the rotation the same.  If you lose the pink balls, keep the rotation with another ball for scoring purposes.  The score is 1 BB of the white balls, plus the score of the pink ball, minus the number of pink balls at the end of the round.


Three Blind Mice: Once scorecards are turned in, the pro shop randomly will draw 3 holes; everyone’s scores on those 3 holes are thrown out.  Scorecards are recalculated to find the winners.


Two Best Ball Team Nassau:  Winners on front nine, back nine and overall.  100% Handicap.  One team may not receive more than 2 of the 3 prizes.


Waltz:  Team play.  One best ball on #1, 2 BB on #2, 3 BB on #3, then back to 1 BB on #4, 2 BB on #5, 3 BB on #6, etc.