Helpful Info & Etiquette

Helpful Information & Etiquette

Signing Up for Events


The deadline for signing up for Wednesday play will be Friday at the close of business.


Notify the club of any cancellations for regular Wednesday WGA games by Noon on Tuesday.  Cancellations after noon on Tuesday, and Wednesday no-shows, will be charged the tournament fee.  For special events cancellations, please notify the chairperson of the event prior to the deadline.  Failure to do so may result in fee charges to your account.


The WGA has adopted a policy that the Pro Shop deny requests to change pairings because one person doesn’t want to play with someone else.


On play-away days, if possible, the Club will hold a few tee times for WGA members who wish to play at home.


Arrival at the Course


Regular Wednesday WGA game days have shotgun starts.  Pairings and start time will be published in the weekly WGA email Newsletter.  Please be punctual.


Special events that have a luncheon or dinner associated with them will have a shotgun start.  On those days, please arrive for check-in 30 minutes early.  Meet on the practice green 15 minutes before scheduled start for announcements and be at the assigned tee boxes before shotgun start time.

On the Course 


Cell phones: The use of cell phones on the course is NOT appropriate, except in case of emergencies.


Pace of Play for 18 holes is 4 hrs and 20 minutes when carts are allowed on the course, or 4 hrs and 40 minutes when it is cart path only.  If asked to pick up and move to the next hole, the result will be disqualification in the game of the day.  If there is a hole open in front of your group, you’re playing too slowly.  Pick up the pace.


Pace of Play Guidelines

* Par 3s–13 minutes, Par 4s–14 minutes, Par 5s-15 minutes

* Pick up when out of the hole and post most likely or max    score (see table below).

* Know when it is your turn to play and be at your ball ready to hit.  With permission, you can hit while another player is getting to her ball.

* Take several clubs to your ball when in doubt as to the lie and distance. Park the cart where it saves time between shots. Walk to your shot. It’s not necessary to wait to be driven.

* Replace your clubs in your bag and record scores at the next tee.

* Know the most commonly encountered golf rules, such as hitting a provisional ball, and how to drop a ball.  Also, procedures for ball on cart path, lost ball, ball out of bounds, ball in hazard (red or yellow stakes), etc.


Posting Scores


Upon completion of a round where an individual score was computed, it’s the responsibility of the member to post her score into the handicap system (see By-Laws Article VII Section III).


Picking-up:  The following table indicates the maximum score to be entered by the golfer when picking up.



Equitable Stroke Control



Maximum Number on

any Hole

9 or less

double bogey

10 thru 19


20 thru 29


30 thru 39


40 or more




Tournament Rounds:  A score should only be posted as a tournament round when it is a Championship situation.


Scores for the WGA that should be posted as a Tournament round are:  the CCHH Club Championship, the WGA Championship and the Lowcountry Women's Golf Association tournaments.


Scores for the WGA that should NOT be posted as a Tournament round are:  routine play days, MIDCAPs, Lowcountry Team Matches, Exchanges and South Carolina Women's Golf Association One-Day tournaments.


Special Events and Awards


Championship:  To be eligible to participate in the WGA Championship, the member must have played a minimum of 5 rounds with the WGA on Wednesdays prior to the tournament.  Winners will be determined over two days of play.  The event is flighted using 100% handicap.  The Cup will go to the player with the overall low gross score.  Prizes will be awarded for low gross and low net in each flight.


Match Play:  The tournament will be flighted using 100% handicap.  The number of flights will be determined by the number of participants in the tournament.  The winner of each round will be determined by the most holes won.  Prizes will be awarded to the winner in each flight.  All matches must be completed within 4 weeks from the start of the match play competition.


End-of-the-Year Awards:  To be eligible for the end-of-the-year awards for most birdies and ringers, the winners must have played a minimum of 5 rounds with the WGA on Wednesdays during the regular season.  To be eligible for the end-of-the-year award for Most Improved, the winner must have played a minimum of 20 rounds during the regular season, 15 of which must have been played at the CCHH, and 5 of those rounds must be with the WGA on Wednesdays.